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  1. there are no specs on the 3g or sd model?
  2. Whats inside a lan turtle for chips? JORDAN
  3. if it not javascript does anyone know how to do it jordan
  4. i am trying to create a javascript like below https://twitter.com/mynewlife_pr/status/687464624061595648 Any help would be great jordan
  5. there has Not had Hak5 Show for like 3 weeks this is disappointing jordan
  6. Can I return my nano and order a tetra. I can only afford 1 of them
  7. i will not get mine untill the new year can we at least get some code. jordan
  8. how are you porting modules to the nano where the api? jordan
  9. when will we have access to the code. can we get some screenshots jordan
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