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SEToolkit cloned website can be viewed over internet, but credentials don't get stored.


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I've started messing with SEToolkits cloned website / credential harvester today and I got it working fine locally. For instance, when the credentials are harvested, the victim computer gets redirected to the real website and I can see the credentials have been saved in the text file. However, I tried doing the same over the internet and ran into some problems. I have forwarded port 80 on the router for the private IP that is hosting the Apache page on my Kali box and I am able to navigate to my public IP and get the cloned page, however, once I put in the credentials and submit, the website hangs and does not redirect to the real page, nor do the credentials get stored.

Does anyone know why the cloned site would show, but not redirect or store the credentials? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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port foward 80 and 443, just to be safe(for https) but I would check the SET config documentation on if they need settings for an external IP or forwarder setup vs a local IP setup. May be a reason it only works locally.

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