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RRDS100 LED Sign


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Looking for the instructions and software for programming an Roadmaster RRDS100 LED sign.

They normally come with a IR remote for programming and text selection, this hack had software and a serial IR cable instructions which made it possible to program it with a PC.

The original thread that gets referenced a lot is dead - http://hak5.org/forums/?showtopic=14390

It was said to have been a fan submission for Hak5 Labs by dallaskorben.

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I'll grant you, it took some digging. But the internet never forgets.

Here is the last revision of that topic as retained by the WayBackMachine.

This thread on a different forum provided me with the info I needed to find it and it may contain some additional nuggets of information on what you're trying to do.

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Hallo cooper,

I appreciate your efforts, I had done some digging myself and kept coming up with incomplete information or just plain dead ends.

The problem I have come across is the critical links in the original thread are dead. They appear to be on a private server of sorts that is no longer available. (dakorb.com - ie. dallaskorben) So the rrds100.conf and hak5sign.zip are no longer available and I have not come across another source for them.

I had seen the other site with some code tidbits before, but honestly I have no clue what to do with it or how much of it is correct or complete at this point.

I’ve read about using LIRC or WinLIRC, along with the apache2 and php5 packages, guess I’ll just have to muddle my way through those and see what I can come up with. (I’m no programmer/coder, the hardware side of things I understand a bit better)

The unit I picked up is a 2007 version, so I was certain dallas’s information would work for it, but alas I hadn’t been able to obtain any of it.

I'll keep poking around, thanks again.

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