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Will this work fios ont ethernet static ip question


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Hi I am trying to neaten up my network room. I have 5 static ip addresses via verizon fios. There is one ethernet cable from the ONT optical network terminal. I plugged it into vlan1 with 6 ports. Connected a router for each static IP to Vlan1. Vlan2-6 are for each network. I just add as many ports as I need in vlans2-6 for computers servers printers etc. From the switch to the router. Each router plugs into its own vlan. ip ending .1 vlan2 .2 vlan3 .3 vlan4 .4 vlan5 .5 vlan6

This works well till someone up plugs something and it does not look neat. Is there a way I could do this with one router and one switch. Instead of one switch and multiple routers. Okay I want to know if anyone has fios with multiple static ip via ethernet not COAX. And tries to setup one router with subinterfaces for each static. Hell even if you had multiple static ip's over one ethernet cable and used the sub interfaces.

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