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Workaround to allow DNSpoof?


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I have seen enough posts to understand that dnspoof is basically broken unless used against a fresh computer, however i believe there is a solution to every problem.......so i ask the question: Has anyone worked out how to use dnspoof against a computer that has already built a dns cache??

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This has been an issue for awhile, however there are TTLs on the DNS cache so if you are spoofing long enough (usually 5min - 1hr) it will expire and do a new query which DNSpoof should intercept.

Have you setup an environment and watched wireshark for the DNS responses? Now, there is further issues where some iOS/Android devices have internal datasets of blocks of IPs that a domain can be accepted from. So it is getting much more difficult to spoof the high profile domains like google/apple/facebook due to this collaboration.

Though, as you said there are always ways around this, it just nothing is going to be automated.

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