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  1. yea im interested enough in it, i have a few friends who are looking to become a little less conspicuous......i think you are so intelligent that you are not explaining this right to a relatively dumb person like myself......can i get closer to a procedural walkthrough?? I'm at the point of configuring remote management and i discover 8080 is going to be the port used for that but im not sure where to go after i download the software that you graciously provided in the previous post
  2. how would i determine the entry is basically what im trying to ask...... lets use the entry thats already here: #Socks4 9050 Socks5 8080 Socks5 8080 im assuming that the commented out line was the 'before' and the one under was the 'after', so with that being said socks5 socks4 http and https seem to be my options as far as vehicle....i understand the port selection assuming that it coincides with the remote management port. So questions questions.........which vehicle to choose for such an operation?? BKgrd: This whole endeavor is meant to provide another level of security/anonimity for all parties involved. Question 2: is there an noob's guide to this??
  3. lets say me and a few of my friends want to route our traffic through each others routers. We all have router access and basic computer knowledge for the most part......how would we accomplish this? more to the point,i don't know how to set up the proxychains configuration file
  4. I have seen enough posts to understand that dnspoof is basically broken unless used against a fresh computer, however i believe there is a solution to every problem.......so i ask the question: Has anyone worked out how to use dnspoof against a computer that has already built a dns cache??
  5. i think it is long overdue for a tor tutorial with the pineapple
  6. moments like this makes me realize how much i have yet to learn.......i don't even know where to start.........can i get a translation?? Please...........
  7. i was wondering if anyone has solved the coding issue regarding the desktop page provided in the xfinitypineapple master template...........i cannot get the destop page to look anything like the original im sure it has to do with the .css file i just lack the webpage building knowledge to fix this problem on my own.....
  8. well i jumped the gun in my reply and i didn't apoligize publicly to him even though i sent him a message but hopefully this counts as my public apology i was just desperate to find an answer and google didn't help and i just needed an answer and i felt like i was being ignored
  9. yea i understand the fallacy however i was picturing more like DBZ Spirit Bomb "lend me your power" type of thing......but how do you distribute the workload? and i want to use the cpu for programs like pyrit, aircrack-ng, etc
  10. why reply when you don't have an answer??
  11. there are alot of smart people on here.......just learned about rainbow tables..........anywhoo im not quite a noob but im modest enough to consider myself somewhat intermediate so to the point i have several computers in my house and i feel like they are just taking up space..........so i was wondering after watching DBZ if those computers could 'lend me their power' (Spirit Bomb) lol. Through research i found a botnet way of doing this but i was hoping that there was more ways. HELP!! i will take any method including the botnet method if you could explain it to an idiot such as myself.....Thanks in advance.
  12. i have several computers that i would like to link at home together so the secondary computers could lend the primary computer cpu power can anyone point me in the right direction??
  13. ok more to the point i have a setup program in /www/Setup/setup.php and i am trying to set it up on the pineapple web server and im just getting 404'ed, so using the information newbie gives me my question is would i have to start nginx before trying setup.php??
  14. i am connected to my wpa2 network and i type the destination its not coming up so is there a service that i need to have running to access the server directly from the browser??
  15. may i assume that the /var/www/ in the pineapple is similar to the /var/www/ in linux with the difference being that in the pineapple i won't have to turn apache on??
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