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Build a huge USB power bank


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I just think it would be fun to build.

Which is the VERY BEST of reasons. And hey, you might even learn something as you go. Who knows?

The way I'm seeing this is you need a beefy 5V battery, a stack of USB ports and some circuitry to deal with powering the battery. The USB ports themselves should be trivial. Something like this should be a good start. Unscrew it from the metal bracket and use the screws and holes to affix it to your own case. Attach the red cables from the USB plugs to +5, the black ones to ground and snip off the white and green cables (which are for data, so can be discarded here).

There won't be anything there preventing the attached USB device from pulling in more than 0.5A but I'd expect only devices that can take it to actually claim that much. Let it be their responsibility (and on the plus side: you can now use your power bank to run a Raspberry Pi off of).

So the only remaining problem I can see is battery selection and charging circuit. Maybe someone else has a well-founded opinion on that?

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