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Ducky not saving info to second USB.


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How are you searching to ensure the second USB is seen? And are you making sure it's plugged in first before running your script so that it's properly mounted and can be found?

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What script code(can you past here) are you using to find the new thumb drive for storage? I believe Darren has some code on the forums that lets you search by disk label to mount and copy over to drives by disk label

You can label the thumb drive form an elevated command prompt first. Example:

C:\Windows\system32>label f:poop
C:\Windows\system32>vol f:
Volume in drive F is poop
Volume Serial Number is 6C2D-0541


How you access it though not 100% sure. I beielve can be done by enumerating them with a loop though in a bat or VBS script to find the label for "poop" which you then can associate with the new PC's drive letter assigned when moving PC to PC, and then just copy over to the now found drive letter.

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Im just using the payloads on the ducktoolkit site. I haven't written any. Im still new to all of this so just slowly learnin.

That's fine. Post the code you're using though, maybe that will she some light on what the issue is. The more info we have, the easier it is to help figure out what the issue is.

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