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Chromebook Rubber Ducky issue


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I am using a Rubber Ducky to roll out a bunch of chromebooks. The flavor is CTL NL6, nothing fancy. Pretty much everything works as advertised with the scripting language, but I cannot get any combo keys to work. For example, I cannot get ALT-SHIFT s to work or CTRL-ALT e or SHIFT-TAB. The really important one I need to work is the CTRL-ALT e in order to enroll the device into our Google Domain. I pasted a couple of snippets below.

This is the command I run every time to update the script. We just received our ducky in the mail on 8/1/2015.

java -jar duckencode.jar -i c:/ctl1.txt -o inject.bin

DELAY 2000
DELAY 1000
DELAY 1000
DELAY 1000
Please help!
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Do laptops with function keys make a different on the button layouts/mappins to where they expect them to be?

​part of it may be the chrome books built in keyboard shortcuts though:


alt+shift changes it's input method, so you may need to work around that.

try like an "ctrl space ret" then "alt shift s" or something maybe.

edit, looking at that closer, they have a mapping for "Shift + Alt + S" set already in use.

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