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Extending an ISP coaxial connection via Wireless possible?


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Hello all,

I've been trying to do my own research but I've hit a wall. The problem I'm trying to solve is extending an ISP coaxial signal to a house that is set pretty far back from the road without running aerial or burial cable to the residence. I was toying with the idea of using MoCA to a 5GHz wireless bridge setup but I'm thinking that I'll lose the TV single on the other end due to the MoCA device operating on a different frequency range than the TV will expect. Also not able to locate something that'll just extend the coaxial signal over a wireless bridge as a commercial purpose made device.

Any one ever toy or tackle this issue before or have thoughts on a solution?

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I might order me something using moca and check that out, see if I can get better extension of the home network here at the house since I'm bridged end to end over wifi. I'd love to get off the wifi all together if possible. Nice find. I don't think it will work for your setup(especially TV, since this is encrypted and needs a cable card or TV box to decode and work with it) but it looks like the moca protocol extends network servic eover coax, not the TV side of things, so at best, this would work in the home, not at the pole the way you mention(but I could be wrong).

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Most new set top cable and satellite boxes are MoCa certified. That's how you can watch stuff on one dvr from another "dumb" box on the cable network. I've never seen anything that can do wireless though. Our cable guy buried a new cable when we moved into the new house. They usually do that as part of a normal install. Cable doesn't have to be that deep, just a foot or so since it's low voltage. It's a couple hundred feet from the pole to where it comes into the house, under a gravel driveway. Took them 15 minutes to pull the cable.

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