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(Support) Pineapple bar infusion problems


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Maybe I've been posting in the wrong forums.

I am having a problem with the Pineapple Bar on my Mark V. The Pineapple Bar: Availaable tab only shows headings, never the list of infusions.

I have learned how to install infusions manually, using the downloader and installer scripts in /pineapple/components/system/bar/files from a command prompt, but it would be a lot easier if I could get the menu working.

I have reflashed the Pineapple numerous times, even using the "Bricked" procedure but nothing changes.

Apart from reflashing (and making sure I'm connected to the Internet) no one in the Mark V forum has been able to help. Maybe I've just been asking in the wrong place.

Does anyone have any ideas?



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I responded yesterday to your other post... I know that suggesting using another browser shouldn't make a difference but I'm pretty sure Chrome is the one supported by the Pineapple. Don't get me wrong the others work but I've had funky issues with Safari and others. Also, what I suggested is that you give us a step by step or video of what it is you're doing including setting up your connections to and from the Pineapple... You've managed manual installs of the infusions so that tells me you're no noob but you might be doing something in a way we're not used to. Up to you.

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OK, I made a fresh start, flashing 2.3.0.

Here are several screenshots that may help.

screenshot 1 is just after the first login after setup


Setup helpfully told me that I had an "Orphan" infusion on the SD card and installed it.

Screenshot 2 is the pineapple bar immediately afterward.


The I clicked on Pineapple Bar: Available.

Screenshot 3


Finally I connected with Putty and went to the /pineapple/components/system/bar/files directory.

I had to chmod +x the downloader and installer scripts, then I ran them

Screenshot 4


Finally, I went back to the Installed tab, and there was my newly installed infusion

Screenshot 5


Hopefully that will give you some ideas about how I can fix this. By the way, I did all this in Firefox. I'll try Chrome in a few minutes and let you know if there is any difference.

EDIT: Chrome behaved the same as Firefox.


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Walt, I assume you clicked the "show" link in the available user infusions in screenshot #3?

If not, click that

DUH! :huh::ohmy:

I was focusing on the "System Infusions" box - I never even thought about "User Infusions" , since, of course, I never wrote any. I never even noticed the "Show/Hide" button!

Thank you, DataHead, for pointing out the obvious to a dunderhead!


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Yep, just doing something slightly different... I'm just glad it was that easy for you and not some crazy baked in issue with only your pineapple. I assume that the install scripts for the infusions are taking care of the permissions you had to adjust manually as I've not read of anyone having problems installing. :smile:

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