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Gmail Password Recovery


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You see, I had this gmail account and forgot about it for a while, but now i need it and i don't remember the pass. I've done some research and apparently it's possible to get old passwords back through Cain and Abel as long as you're using the same computer. Googling doesn't help much at this point. How would one distressed fellow go about doing such a thing?

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Google has a pretty good legit way of resetting the password once you provide sufficient information you're the actual owner of said account. Try that.

I don't see how C&A can provide you with anything that would help at this stage.

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Well you basically have three options:

1) Contact Google and provide them with information proving that you own the account so they can allow you access

2) Hack into their systems and go to jail for a VERY long time

3) Forget about it

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