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So Im looking for a cheap usb wifi card and my first choice is the ALFA USB WiFi AWUS036NEH but I have to order it online since there are no shops that sell it where I live so I have to have it shipped and that costs me more 10/15 thus doubling the price. But I've found a TP-Link TL-WN722N USB WIFI that costs about the same and it seems to do promiscuous mode.

Anyway what I would like to ask is there anything that one does that the other doesn't?

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Alfas are nice cards, but as you say they're pricey and the ones from China have a nasty tendency to be fake.

Here's a post by someone describing a number of cards and their capabilities.

Personally, I own a TL-WN722N and I like it but I'm using it mostly because I want great reception. It should be a capable injecting card, but I have no personal experience of this (never bothered to see if it works never mind how well it worked).

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I have a AWUS036NEH. It's pretty nice and it is well supported these days. And it's a 6 mode device. I have used TP Link PCI/PCIe cards and they are pretty nice. They seem to have really good signal strength. I could always get a deauthentication on the first attempt with only one request with the TP Link wireless card. With the ALFA card it is like 5 deauths and get the capture on the first try. Not really a big difference because it's still only one command. I haven't messed with txpower, iwreg, and MTU size on the ALFA so I might not be giving you all of the goods on my evaluation.

Shortly I'm sure you'll be happy with either device or both.

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