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PowerShell Problem

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Hi, sorry for my English but I'm using a translator. I'm from Argentina, a few days ago I'm trying my ducky but I emerged a number of problems.

For example when I run the "Hello world" it works perfect, or any type of text executed in notepad.

The problem occurs, apparently, when the powershell is involved. Generated a payload from the ducktoolkit. When inserting the ducky error on PC image appears, then continue with writing code but anywhere (in any type of window box to write)

Try to resolve the error by disabling the UAC and changing the powershell to unrestricted. But the error persists.

Can anybody help me?


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Write me in private (in spanish) and i´ll try to help you out... I´m thinking in a couple of things that may occur. Please try to be specific with you mail (post me the code, tell me what happens since you put the ducky in the PC until the problem it´s shown).

are you using the last encoder? 2.6.4

Do you use the full path to encode? java -jar encoder.jar -i input.txt -o output.bin -l /resources/es.properties

did you change the values "ALT Y" for "ALT s"? (yes/no si /no)

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