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Triangulate data

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Hello everyone. I want to know whether there is a way to triangulate data from wifi pineapples kept at various locations. I have 2 wifi pineapples and will be using tcpdump to store data. So is there a way to obtain the complete data in one particular file which makes it easy to access it.

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If you have both pinapples send the data to a central server then merge the two files on that server with a script. Not sure if that is what you are looking for.

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That all depends on the server you have set up. Do you have a server set up at home? do you have a virtual server? It should'nt be that hard to write a script to send the log files using ftp scp or ssh, to a server you have set up some where and have a script on that server merge them both together. Then you can access both files or the merged file on that server depending if you gave that server web acces or not . I am assuming that both pinapples have web access correct?


Edit to save face on the FTP part. LOL

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