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CPT practical exam 2015


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Hello all

I know this questions was asked a few years but the OP decided not to post the solution for good reason. I just recently passed the written portion of the CPT exam and now I am working on the practical. The goal to get root on 2 Linux boxes. One is a CentOS that I was able to get 3 accounts including root. It was pretty easy. One of the user accounts worked on the second Linux box which is a Red Hat server running Linux Kernel 2.4.20-8. There are all kinds of services that show up on nmap but none seem to allow escalation of privileges. I tried a few kernel exploits like the sock_sendpage in metasploit but no joy. I then started reading up on SUID and thought that may be the direction to take. All I need to do it gain root on the Red Hat box or get a hold of the shadow file some how. Anyone willing to assist me with this?


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And for good reason people shouldn't be helping directly with this. If you have specific questions then ask them but this post seems too much like asking us to help you pop the box which is definitely against the rules.

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Its not a problem with what you are asking just the way you are asking it, it reads like you are asking us to help you with the exam. Ask questions about specific topics and show what you've tried first and you will get help (if we can).

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