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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all i'm currently undertaking a project that involves exploiting a metapsloitable 2 machine and a windows XP machine running SP3, however the findings that i have found are that there are limited resources available when using metapsloit as there seems to be many step by step guides of how to complete an exploit but not enough information regarding troubleshooting. Do you think it would be beneficial to learning to explain more about each step of an exploit in terms of what each command does and if an exploit fails for there to be more information available about why it fails and workarounds for how to solve such problems. For instance when trying to exploit Windows XP with the popular ms08_067_netapi exploit the results for my conducted test just returned "Exploit Completed, but no session was created" Any feedback regarding this would be most welcome. Thanks.
  2. I am fuzzing around with Metasploitable and I ran a vulnerability scan with Nessus. I obviously got a bunch of critical vulnerabilities but I am clueless on what they are and how the exploit works. I did google it but their explanations are rather vague or just complex for me to understand (I am a stereotypical Script Kiddie, feel free to call me dumb). Can someone please tell me how and from where do I search more about the vulnerability and the exploit. Often the exploits are written in ruby (or languages that I am not fluent in, even the pro's aren't good in every language are they?) and I am just starting to learn it. (I am good in python though, I can understand most of the code). I am reading networking books along the lines and am good with Linux. Other than researching exploits and vulnerabilities can you explain how you got into and better with penetration testing? Thank you.
  3. I am completely unable to install exploits of my own or those downloaded from https://www.exploit-db.com in metasploit and went through the instructions set in this link:https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework/wiki/Loading-External-Modules and all I get after i reload the modules in metasploit is "Failed to load module:........" I have entered in all of the correct file names and locations, and i just cannot think of anything else that could cure this solution. I have even tried copying the files to the parallel spot in the metasploit-framework file, I have tried everything I can possible think of. In short, the msfconsole will not recognize the new module path that I have created through the exploits folder in the .msf4 file, no matter what I try. I have tried reloading the modules, updating the msfconsole, etc. and whenever I tell the msfconsole to show me the new module path all I receive is an Invalid Parameter response and the number of exploits remains the same as if I had never created the new module path. Am I missing any steps to install exploits into metasploit??
  4. Hello all I know this questions was asked a few years but the OP decided not to post the solution for good reason. I just recently passed the written portion of the CPT exam and now I am working on the practical. The goal to get root on 2 Linux boxes. One is a CentOS that I was able to get 3 accounts including root. It was pretty easy. One of the user accounts worked on the second Linux box which is a Red Hat server running Linux Kernel 2.4.20-8. There are all kinds of services that show up on nmap but none seem to allow escalation of privileges. I tried a few kernel exploits like the sock_sendpage in metasploit but no joy. I then started reading up on SUID and thought that may be the direction to take. All I need to do it gain root on the Red Hat box or get a hold of the shadow file some how. Anyone willing to assist me with this? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I am writing a graduation work at the university. Here is the main idea: I need to write a programm that will alow me to do attack modelling for IDS testing. So, let's suppose, I know target OS, open ports and running services (by running nmap, for exaple). Now I'd like to filter exploits (by ports, OS, etc) from Metasploit, that I might use. But I don't know how to do this. Can I make a request to postgresql DB, or exploits don't store there? Or should I use msfconsole instead? I need to write a programm, that would do this automatically taking as input Nmap scan result. For example, in Armitage there is a function Find Atacks. It does what I want, but I need to write something similar by myself. Next step is splitting these exploits by groups and building an attack tree or attack scenarios. After that the programm should run exploits and define, whether they were successfull or not. So, please, help me, if you know answer to one of my quistions. Maybe there is some API for Metasploit, for example for C or Java, it would be much easier to write such programm. Thanks a lot.
  6. I am trying to exploit CVE-2012-1823 using metasploit exploit exploit/multi/http/php_cgi_arg_injection.as soon i try to exploit i get an error : Exploit failed: NoMethodError undefined method `gsub' for #<URI::Generic:0xc6006a8 URL:/> please help!!!
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