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PIneapple in the mail


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Hey all, Have just recieved the tracker details for my Wifi Pineapple so it is as we speak sitting in the mail waiting to get to my door :)

Happy times ahead im sure. Did have one question tho, As we are in 2015 the pineapple Mark V has had some time for the Hak5 team and other devs to have some fun with the fusions and churn out some amazing kl stuff from the looks of it.

So getting to the point, and it feels bit stupid asking this but what are the best or lets say your top 10 infusions for the Wifi Pineapple and why ?

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Either will do just fine as you can do it via the web interface on the pineapple.

I don't like the license situation for the pineapple or infusions, so I'd write my own scripts or ssh in to the pineapple rather than depend on infusions! But I am in the minority :)

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