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putting the rubber ducky in the pineapple?


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So forgive me if this is reinventing the wheel. If this can already be done with the pineapple please tell me. But I was thinking about the wireless usb's out there and I was wondering could you plug the usb rubber ducky into the pineapple and wirelessly deploy the ducky?


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No the rubber duck will not work in the way you are asking about. It simulates a keyboad so the ducky needs to be pluged into the actual computer you are trying to use it on.

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Maybe in the next generation of the ducky you will be able to plug in a dongle to a machine and then send your payloads to it over bluetooth or over a network. That would be interesting.

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You could connect a Raspberry Pi over ethernet to the Pineapple then connect the Ducky to the Pi and have it run commands. I did that with my MK IV. Or if you are looking to have something run on the pineapple, you could write a script and then configure a dip switch to execute.

Good Luck!


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