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Business provides Xeon server as home radiator


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My first thought was "april fools is early this year", but it turns out to be real.

A company will install in your house a fanless Xeon server to act as a radiator.

The company wants to sell the distributed computing power of the machines, the homes can use the heat expelled by the device to warm themselves, the radiator is mounted against an exterior wall so that on hot days the heat can escape that way, it's a fanless design so no noise and the company will reimburse the homeowner for the electricity used by the device. The device consumes 1KW of power which should be sufficient to warm up a living room. The homeowner needs to provide fast internet access, fiber preferred, as the device's computing power is sold as a cloud computing resource.

The company hopes this approach will save them a bundle on not needing an actively AC'd datacenter to house their boxes. Makes you wonder what they're going to do when system maintenance is required...

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