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Hack Whatsapp


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Hello. I've read something about a method to hack whatsapp to see the messages using the MAC adress of the target phone.

How is this really working? Can I use a table to see all the messages? Can I use my phone to be logged in two whatsapp acounts? Is there another method to hack whatsapp without paying anything?

Thank you so much.

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Well, that took all of 2 seconds, googling for "hack whatsapp". No brownie points for you.

1. It works by WhatsApp relying on your phone's mac address. It may be unique from the factory, but you can alter it, which is the flaw.

2. Use a table, a knife, a fork, a plate for all I care. Just make sure you also use a separate phone.

3. No. It identifies the account via the mac address of the phone and you can't change it afterwards without first uninstalling whatsapp, which is a bit of an involved process. So you can switch, but, like in Highlander, there can be only one.

4. The link describes 2 methods, the first is free, the second isn't. Both require you to access your victims phone. Both are illegal when performed without your victim's permission. You have been warned.

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I was always told that getting WhatsApp to even install on your tablet takes considerably skill, effort and, yes, luck.

I'm guessing that if you get it to run on your tablet at all, it'll use that tablet's mac address so then changing that mac would, potentially, allow you to have access to the messages of the whatsapp account whose mac you're using.

It should be noted that I do not expect whatsapp to retain the messages sent via it. So just because you can effectively clone the account, I don't expect you to find much in terms of history of messages. But feel free to try it and come back with a definitive result on that one.

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