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WLAN 1 and 2 Disabling


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Alright guys. Here is what I have. cleanly flashed Mark 5. Power supply that was shipped with it and WLAN2 is the Alfa shipped with the kit as well. I have no infusions installed and the WLAN interfaces will just shutdown. I havent even started doing anything but having PineAP, Karma, Dogma, and Harvester running. Any thoughts on what is causing this ?

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Are you looking for this log? In this case WLAN0 1 and 2 were on. None were in client mode yet. Turned Pine AP only on after adding the MAC's to the blacklist and WLAN1 gets turned off

Mar 9 23:54:11 Pineapple kern.info kernel: [ 570.980000] device mon0 entered promiscuous mode

Mar 9 23:46:41 Pineapple cron.err crond[1902]: time disparity of 23765745 minutes detected

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Wlan2 is the only one I am configuring for Client mode to the AP.

Okay, but I think I still answered your question as to why interfaces were "shutting down". I just wanted to make sure you knew that wlan1 wasn't turning off but instead was going into monitor mode. Wlan2, when not put into client mode, may shut down just because it's not being used. I'm not 100% certain on that, though.

The whole device just rebooted as well. Am I doing something wrong?

I don't know. What were you doing when it rebooted? Please don't say "nothing" because you have obviously been trying to get it to work. Tell us exactly what you were doing, in as much detail as possible, right before it shut down. Someone will probably have an easy answer for you.

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