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Problems with kali linux


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Uefi enabled by any chance? If so, docs.kali.org and search for the uefi setup.

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I got Kali on my USB using Unetbootin, but a little weird problem I experienced was that it only boots if I choose the Live encrypted option, the default always dooesn't work. Furthermore, I can't install it to my harddrive, I don't know if there's a hardware virus/rootkit, or if my cdrom drive is why (I replaced my cdrom and it keeps saying the installer for Kali crashes when it reaches a cdrom file. No idea why)

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I encountered the same problem with the installing of GRUB bootloader on a hp notebook with UEFI. After months of resolving the havng the problem, I have solved this solution. Noting that I have been into the Linux/GNU use for a short amount of time so any problems with this is something I can't solve soon. Basically the boot loder is configured under Debian's configuration. Assuming that you know this, Jessie official release will have the UEFI support if you rather wait until then if not then you can rebuild the Kali image; adding the GRUB UEFI CFG, these files are located in the boot/grub in any GPT compatible linux, rebuilding the ISO file is something that I cannot help with. The way I done it, which seems easier is enable legacy support and install Kali without a boot loader, then install Mint (in this case any UEFI compatible OS will work) and installed Mint beside Kali and Windows 8, leaving the Legacy support on has proved no problems with any of the OS that is currently on my Laptop. The only problem I have encountered was when booting into Kali when I had the Legacy support enable was with starting which was fixable but happened every so often. I'm planning to quad boot my Laptop with Backtrack 5r3 to comfirm that this method will work univerally in theory,

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