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Voxility DDoS protection


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Seems they're in Equinix LA1, Los Angeles.

But then, you knew that already...

Prices are probably best discussed with their sales team rather than trying to find anecdotal evidence, but these guys claim they charge $33 / TB which, according to that thread, is 5-10 times the typical going rate for bandwidth, but probably not counting the DDOS protection feature.

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Guys, the information above is not correct. they are counting the DDoS feature there as they charge $488 per server for anti-DDoS. I work with them for a streaming project and they charge me with less than $5/TB. Their prices reflect bandwidth usage with different levels of restrictions, instead of the actual traffic usage and I believe this may cause the "over priced" comparison. I pay $900 flat monthly and I get to send up to 340TB.

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