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help me please


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Hello admins i have a big problem .

im from Jordan in the middle east and im interested in hacking stuff , first i saw Reaver Pro ii and i like it , i didnt know that there's a great device called wifi pineapple mark V , so i have purchased a reaver pro ii device , and suddenly when i went to recive it the customs google the device name and found out that the reaver device is for hacking wifi wps networks and i went in jail for 1 week in ( Solitary confinement ) and that was very bad for me , because im in arabs country and they dont believe in ( penetration Testers ) so they sized the device after all .


now i want to get wifi pineapple mark V but i dont want to get the same 1 week again or maybe more , who knows !

so i went to google asking him ( can i install the same software of mark v on any other maybe router or anything else ? like tplink routers or 3g routers ? or can i get the bored of mark V without the software installed or the black box of it ? and then i install it

so guys and darren which one you advise to use and HOW TO .

if this is even legal to do it and of cource if i will do it , it will be you guys who will help me coz i care for people hard work . and im asking for permission .

thanks after all .

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I think the best way for you to get going would be to simply get any laptop with USB and order a USB WiFi adapter with a replaceable antenna. Something like the TP-Link WN722N to name one that doesn't break the bank.
Both the laptop and the wifi adapter are innocent user tools which, with the right amount of software combine to something you can use to do some hacking. Being able to replace the antenna on the adapter allows you to for instance use a directional antenna, easily constructed at home using common household items (google "wok-fi" or "cantenna").

Now the power of both the Reaver Pro and the Pineapple is the small form factor of the unit combined with the ease of use which the installed software affords the user. Because you can't get this hardware you're going to have to improvise on that a bit which is why I suggested the laptop - larger but still portable and actually rather more capable though they also tend to be pricier. Since the software is an important factor in what makes people buy the hardware, and the hardware is where the various projects make their money, you're not going to get much of any help at all with getting their software to work on your own system. However, their software is little more than wrappers around existing tools and those tools will work on your system just fine. Things like Karma, ssl-strip, airsnort etc they all are just command-line tools which run almost anywhere where something that looks like Linux runs. Learn the commands that make these tools work their magic and you're good to go.

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