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Stuck at Entropy bunny is working


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Just got my wifi pineapple and started playing with it. I tried out a few things, got it connected to my wifi, then went to install updates. All but one of the updates installed fine. Then I tried to update autossh v1.5. The screen sat at "Downloading 0%" for hours. I finally rebooted the device. Now when I go into many of the infusions, it sits at "Entropy bunny is working...". I left it like this overnight and it didn't go away.

Did I get a bad update? Anything I can do to troubleshoot or rectify the situation? Obviously I tried reboot to no avail.


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Before you do that... I'm sure you've seen all the posts about the download site going down frequently over the weekend.

Usually when I get a stuck entropy bunny, or no buny at all, I just close the infusion ad re-open. It's usually just a glitch.

I wouln't wait more than a miute for entropy bunny to go away. I would check both your connection and also allow for the download site issues.

Seb did say in another post that they thought it was resolved, but it might take time to propogate.

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