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I'm trying to learn about the wmap scanner inside metasploit on my Kali box.

I've set my wmap_sites and wm_targets, but when I go "wmap_run -t" I get an error:

Error while running command wmap_run: uninitialized constant Msf::Modules::Mod61757.......[a whole lot of numbers]....::Metasploit3::BruteforceTask

There's a bunch of other call stack stuff too.

Has anyone else encountered this type of error with wmap?

Do I need to do some extra setup to get it to work? Or is wmap only functional in the Pro version of Metasploit?

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I found a pastebin entry for that specific error which was originally created on 11 dec 2014:


The actual error led me to this report on the Metasploit forum which in turn directs you to this github issue for the problem including a number of suggestions for solving.

They closed the issue so I'm assuming that whatever suggestions they provide there actually fix the problem.

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