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Wifi log in portals


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Dear hak5 community

thanks for the wonderful tool and the help given until now

now i am on a project that maybe someone did already and can give me some tips or point me to some tutorial

i want to give free wifi access to users

i set up the mkv with a yagi antenna

i want to create a portal for login that

1) displays adsense and banners

2) requires login with facebook or twitter credentials, and once logged in will post or retweet something

for number one doesnt seem too big of a issue, but i dont know where to start

for number too i am looking for a facebook and tweeter app developer that will create an app that will post and tweet

i do not need to get the credentials they are login in with, but i need to get something in return for the free internet i offer

also, is there a way to limit the bandwidth that is given to the AP?

thanks in advance

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