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  1. thanks DataHead! that is great and is exactly what i was looking for!
  2. Dear hak5 community thanks for the wonderful tool and the help given until now now i am on a project that maybe someone did already and can give me some tips or point me to some tutorial i want to give free wifi access to users i set up the mkv with a yagi antenna i want to create a portal for login that 1) displays adsense and banners 2) requires login with facebook or twitter credentials, and once logged in will post or retweet something for number one doesnt seem too big of a issue, but i dont know where to start for number too i am looking for a facebook and tweeter app developer that will create an app that will post and tweet i do not need to get the credentials they are login in with, but i need to get something in return for the free internet i offer also, is there a way to limit the bandwidth that is given to the AP? thanks in advance
  3. following all the procedure in this thread, now i have ALL infusions installed and pineapple is working fine thanks for the help
  4. i am getting a new sd shipped 8gb can yuo point me to a tut on how to set the swap? do i need to change some conf on the mkV too after formatting? i got kali as linux to use for this op i appreciate your help Hak5 Zombie
  5. i did that when i formatted in win in fat coudnt read i am now installing the infusions one by one, rebooting after each one no problems so far. But could it be possible that there is a limit on the mkV (techncal specifications limit) on how many infusions he can hold? if the infusions are on the main page, means they are running? if i "reduce them to bar" will that free up memory? thanks
  6. yes in that case it works. but i do not have any infusions. now i managed to get a friend with a windows computer and i was able to format the card from there before formatting i noticed that the card was formatted with 2 partitions that windows couldn't read. now it has been formatted in fat and i am about to reflash the pinapple i will update on the results
  7. Hello Pineapple community and thanks for the wonderful tool I got my pineapple and i am pretty new to this, i am trying to do some pen test on my firm network. So i upgraded to the latest firmware, format sd, put eth0 in client mode. all fine until there then i install ALL the infusions, but at some point it gets into a boot loop. i do not understand why. so, 1) can the pineapple support to have ALL the available infusions installed? 2) can it be the sd card formatting? (i am not able to format it via pc, only with the pinapple and the message confirms the succesfull format of the card) 3) can it be some infusions only creating the problem? (it usually occurs after ssl split, wps and notify, but i am not 100% on this) 4) are there some infusions that must be installed only on system rather than sd? thanks in advance for your time kzipp
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