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Hello everybody my name is Harry, I work for a E recycler I watch over their network while ensuring data destruction of devices for the facility. Today I was hit with a SIP Scanner, the admins were getting ghost calls while I was out at lunch. I blocked the offending IP and closed Port 5060.

My question for the Forum, What can I do to test my network vulnerability for the SIP Scanner?

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You could probably get permission from your boss to perform an assessment with a SIP scanner yourself. Then you could find which servers are responding to it. I don't know much about this but here is something I found through a Google search. http://serverfault.com/questions/549134/how-can-i-stop-sipvicious-friendly-scanner-from-flooding-my-sip-server

You could use SIPVicious to run your own scan.

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You should have all of the voice traffic on a separate vlan and restrict access to it. Make sure DTP is disabled on the switches.

While a friend of mine was working on his cisco certs we had a lot of fun at the school vlan hopping and sniffing VoIP traffic, security cameras were a little different harder, they were doing some compression that we never figured out so we never got the complete image. Still had a lot of fun

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The VoIP are already on a separate Vlan, ran into that issue first week with call quality. I do believe DTP is already disable, but I did have some else install a new switch when we took out the inventory server.

My boss is currently installing Security Cams, he is paranoid so the cams do not touch the networks.

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