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Universal Customizer Release

Was This Version Compatible With Your U3 Drive?  

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WARNING: If your U3 Drive vendor is SanDisk or Memorex use the files on the Hak5.org Wiki instead. Please backup all data on your flash drive before running this software. It is recommended that you backup the U3 CD-ROM before running this software. To do this follow these directions.

  • 1. Go to My Computer on the Desktop.

2. Right-Click where it says 'U3-CDROM' are something similar to that name.

3. Once the menu comes up click 'Open'.

4. Now simultaneously press 'CTRL' and the 'A' key on the keyboard.

5. Now simultaneously press 'CTRL' and the 'C' key on the keyboard.

6. Now go to your desktop and make a new folder (name it anything like U3BACKUP).

7. Go to your new folder.

8. Now simultaneously press 'CTRL' and the 'V' key on the keyboard.

9. Done.


  • 1. Download the software
Universal Customizer

2. Extract to the Desktop and execute Universal_Customizer.

3. Insert a U3 Drive into your PC.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

5. Done.


Updates: Changed the version variable to '*' so it should now customize all U3 Drives without a problem.

New: Packaged the zip file with a command-line ISO maker.

I scanned the files with Norton AntiVirus 2006.

I am no longer supporting the last release of Universal Customizer(Universal U3 LaunchPad Hacker

This computer application is not able to make a classic(normal) flash drive U3 compliant.

The pre-packaged 'U3CUSTOM.ISO' file is the loader for the U3 SwitchBlade/Hacksaw.

You might have to run this software 2 or more times before it works properly (you might get an error message) and manually put your files back on the flash drive and re-install your U3 software titles.

To make your own 'U3CUSTOM.ISO' file follow these directions. (XP/NT/2003 Only)

  • 1. Navigate to the directory where you extracted Universal_Customizer.zip to and open the 'U3CUSTOM' folder.

2. Copy your custom files* to that folder.

3. Go to the parent directory.

4. Execute 'ISOCreate.cmd'

5. Launch 'Universal_Customizer' and your done.

*Use the files in the folder where you backed up your U3 CD-ROM if you want to restore your U3 LaunchPad.


Memorex LaunchPad

SanDisk LaunchPad

How to use these ISO files

  • 1. Download an ISO from one of the above links to the directory where you extracted UC 1.0.08 to in the 'BIN' folder.

2. Rename your current 'U3CUSTOM' file to 'U3CUSTOM.OLD' or something(just to keep that file).

3. Rename your newly downloaded ISO file to 'U3CUSTOM'.

4. Go to the parent directory and execute 'Universal_Customizer'.

5. Done.

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Is this still being supported? It malfunctions on the 8Gb drive -- my ISO is only 3. 5Mb big, but this tool leaves only 4Gb usable partition, looks like it's hardcoded for the 4Gb flash-drives.

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Similar case.. only resolution is to get sandisks new installer.. run it and then uninstall and reinstall for the thing to go back to 8G.

We need a new customizer to keep our 8G size please!!

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I have a new 8Gb SANDISK usb and get the same problem!

Is there any new version available? I have been looking for it but...:unsure:

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there is a third technology besides u3 and castella: www.udrw.com

on a chinese page i found a tool, possibly for this kind of usb-drives, but you need a login-password, to change something. maybe, someone will be able to find a way/hack.

EDIT: on a dutch forum i found a link to: http://www.ao-lab.com/support.html where "UFDUtility v3.2.3.0" is downloadable (grab the manual too), witch is able to manipulate this drives, based on UT163/165 controllerchip.

with this tool i have removed the cdrom-drive (read manual '3.4.3 Restore To Default Setting' page 23-26) and set up a new one with my own data.


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