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  1. Comcast is throttling P2P protocols last time I check. So you are probably getting capped at the ISP rather than your network.
  2. Mine is like 2 mins 30 secs. Not really that fast but I can solve it.
  3. Thanks. That totally fixed my memory issues. Now my 8gb is finally a 8gb. Woot.
  4. I have a 2.5 HD in a compartment and it runs solely on USB power. Works fine.
  5. Thanks for the extra replies but Cygwin and SSH has worked for me. It took me awhile to get my RSA keys figure out and implemented but has paid off in the end. I have all my IM, browser, and thunderbird traffic routed through it. Meebo seems like an awesome alternative for my non savvy friends.
  6. The SSH Tunnel is working flawlessly right now.
  7. But that only works with other people with Pidgin right? My problem was that I don't have people that use one client. I have friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM. Some use the native clients and a few use either Trillian and pidgin. A couple use aimexpress. So there wasn't any consistency to be able to have a secure connection between them. My main concern was just protecting the traffic at work. So I just needed a secure connection from here to my house.
  8. Open SSH and Putty FTW. I ran Open SSH on my home computer and run putty at work and my IM traffic is good to go. I sniffed the network and couldn't read anything so I know it works. Pretty simple setup really. Thanks guys.
  9. Its not on the computers themselves. Just on the network. The guys in my dept have total, within reason, control of our computers. Install what we want and so forth. They are monitoring traffic to websites, bandwith, with the capability to monitor IM traffic. Which really isn't that hard. But I just don't want my conversations under someone else's eye that I don't know about. I'm not doing anything wrong, I just want my privacy when it comes to my IMs.
  10. It was like episode 4 of season one or something. I just didn't know if there was a simple program I could run at one end to just encrypt the traffic being sent by an IM client and have it boucned off a server at home. I'll try the VPN + SSH and see how it works. Thanks
  11. I am at work and they just bought new software and are sniffing the network. I don't know exactly what they are sniffing but I don't want conversations with my friends or "friends" ;) ending up on a screen somewhere else. The obvious thing would be to use encrypted im clients like Trillian, which I use, but I have friends that aren't savvy and don't' want to download something else just to talk to me. Plus they may be on a different client. That or just not talk at work but sometimes it's the only time with schedules to talk. I was wondering if there is a simple way to open an encrypted connection to my house, relay my im traffic to my home computer then have it bounced to the correct destination from there. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. Ok. Thanks. Looks like an awesome addition to the USB hacks. I especially like the ability to pick which files to slurp. Nice!
  13. Will this have the ability to turn off or on certain features? The one I"m using now has a SBConfig.exe file that you can customize your attack. Or is this one all or none kinda thing?
  14. Correction. It now seems to be capturing more than a few songs but then just randomly stops. Thanks
  15. Just wanted to say this is a great program. Love the interface. The only problem I seem to be having is that it only rips the first song when opening Pandora.com. Sometimes the second song. Then it doesn't seem to rip the next few. So for me to be able to rip more than one song I have the tab set to reload every to mintues to grab the first sometimes second song. Is there a fix for this or have you heard of it? I didn't read it in a previous message. I'm running: Firefox NoScript Adblock Plus Greasemonkey with the right script Flashswitcher set on Flash 8.0 r24 Followed the readme file. I thought maybe adblock or no script were causing the problem but I disable it on pandora and the problem still continues.
  16. I just wanted to say thanks to darkone_05 and anyone else that has helped create this. Thanks
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