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Hey guys, I'm new to the hacking scene, been doing small tests like using metasploit, imbedding meterpreter sessions and ssh'ing into machines for fun. But I've recently focused on Wi-Fi hacking, and been having alot of fun with it. But however, I've come across this one hash that does not want to go down. No matter how many wordlists I throw at it, not matter how many different combination rules I throw at it, this hash REFUSES to bite the bullet and just give in. So, like any responsible penetration tester, I've decided to turn to the group's forum that got me interested in hacking in the first place. If anyone wants to try their hand at cracking it, I can send it via Skype, just ask for my contact info. Thanks!

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If your wordlists can't crack it, for most "responsible penetration testers" that's not a sign of a shitty wordlist but rather a nice indication for a properly setup access point (and to some, a welcome change to the norm).

Your request here should be either for a better wordlist since you know for a fact yours is crap (maybe because the client already indicated, either directly or indirectly for instance by having crap security elsewhere aswell, that this would be a weak spot) or your wordlist is fine and your intentions are not as you indicate.

There's a link to a wordlist on this forum somewhere in the Everything Else section. Shouldn't be hard to find - use the search option.

I believe someone even recently culled the dupes from it producing a somewhat more concise version, but I might be mixing stuff up.

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