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anyone familiar with monitoring wireless entry sensors?


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ok I am sure this is very off-topic but I am hoping someone here can help me out as I am not really sure where to start I have a simplisafe alarm system at both of my residences and it works fine but I am trying to figure out how to link it into my Home Automation system. The only method I can come-up with is the monitor the RF traffic the only thing I am after is when a door sensor is opened or closed and armed and disarmed II however have zero experience with RF (which is kind of screwed up when I am a HAM operator). I know the frequency is between 311 and 315mhz but that is it. Since I am sure it will come-up I have no interest in controlling the actually alarm system using RF only monitoring to trigger actions on the HA system



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Looked them up online (thanks for the link to them. Most helpful) and the base station has 3 plugs to it: power, phone line and what looks like network.

Couldn't you do something with that network plug? The manual on their website (the 'original manual' produces a lovely 404 by the way) doesn't go into any details at all. I'm thinking your best bet is to call customer support and just outright ask them. If they get fussy you can always work on reverse-engineering the communication link.

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Seeing as they have a smartphone app, there should be some internet connectivity option (which, I might add, tends to be a BAAAAAD idea) which provides you with everything you need to know. Ask support if there's some api documentation for that. They should be willing to provide that since their source of income is the sensors and the security service that goes with it - everything else is effectively loss-making. If they can make someone else do the heavy lifting on that front, it should be a win to them.

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