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The magic word you're looking for is Rainbow Table which you can consider a reverse-lookup table.

Let's assume some idiot wrote insecure forum software that allowed an outside attacker to acquire the contents of the USERS table which, for each user, includes the loginname and the MD5 hash of their password. This outside attacker can take a big wordlist of commonly used passwords, compute the MD5 of that and see if the MD5 produced matches any of the hashes from the tables' contents (this is the Dictionary attack).

If the attacker only does this once, fair enough. But if this attacker regularly repeats this Dictionary attack on multiple sources, his machine is going to spend an awful lot of time computing the same MD5 hashes. A more efficient way is for the attacker to compute all the hashes for his wordlist once and keeps track of each hash and the password that is associated with it. It requires more storage space, but the attacker can now take the hash of any account like, say, 'admin' and do a quick look-up to see if he's got a hash for a password that matches the one registered. It might very well be that this password is NOT the actual password of the admin, but since the produced hash is the same, the software won't care. This lookup table is called a Rainbow Table and the way I explained it here is the most basic version. There are alternatives for specific hash types where the hashing algorithm can be split up into multiple distinct steps and the rainbow table also retains these intermediate results because if you get the same intermediate result for this step using another password it can help drastically reduce the keyspace since you know the math that comes after this point will be the same for both passwords.

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