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Helpful MK5 Deployment Phone and Tablet Wifi Apps


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I use the OOKLA Speed Test, but I just found another app for my Kindle Fire that looks to be helpful, pre-deployment. It also shows you what Karma and to some extent (I think) PineAP are doing. It's called WiFi Overview 360 Pro. Cost me 3 bucks USD from Amazon.


First, it can give you info on which channels are more open, prior to deployment.


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Okay, this page is the basic bump chart. I removed information to protect... somebody... probably me. Each bump is labeled with the ssid.


Here's the main page when you're a client of the MK5 (below). Note you can verify your MK5 has internet access with this page with the button in the upper right.


Next the the Channels page, before you start Karma and PineAP


This next one is cool. This is the Channels page AFTER you start Karma and PineAP. Notice anything about all these channels?


So if YOU aren't doing that at the time, someone certainly is. I could scroll down for about 2 more pages and it was all the same thing, including one that said "FBI Reconnaissance Van #24" ---> It was about -9F outside so there was just no way the actual FBI would be out there.

If you have helpful Wifi apps (helpful in setting up or diagnosing Pineapple deployment, lets hear about them.

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