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Mount a VPN connection throught the mark V


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Hi all,

I have a wifi access point that I can connect to and then mount a VPN with my mobile phone. It is a simple pptp VPN that I often use.

I use the Mark V in the simplest way (no infusions started) to extend that wifi. I created another access point that I can connect to and I have the Internet connection.

However as soon as I pass throught the Mark V, I can no longer mount my pptp VPN.

I don't see anything in the logs or in iptables to explain this.

Would you have information or a way to enable VPN pass-by ?



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I assume by "mount" you mean connect right? Also is your phone the hotspot and also running a vpn?

pineapple -> phone -> vpn


pineapple -> phone (with a vpn client) -> access point

or pineapple -> access point -> phone?

Your post is unclear

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Sorry for not being clear. I meant connect a VPN to encrypt the communications.

IT is :

Android Phone -> pineapple -> access point : unable to connect to a pptp VPN (the VPN client is cyanogen mod)

If I do :

Android Phone -> access point : it is working without problems.

In both setups I can access to networks.

Thanks for helping


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