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AWUS036H on Macbook Air - Possible?


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Hello. I have Kali running in Virtualbox on my Macbook Air. I just purchased an Alfa AWUS036H after reading a few recommendations. Perhaps I didn't read closely enough because I'm now having trouble installing it and some are saying that it's only 32-bit compatible. Also, I've just upgraded to Yosemite 10.10. Can anybody tell me if this is 1 - Possible, 2 - Possible and the steps I need to take to get up and running, or 3 - If I need to return the device and is there another model that will get the job done? Thanks for any help.

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"Only 32-bit compatible" - please pass that bong along to the next person, we're all VERY interested in the stuff you're smoking.

The trick should be nothing more than keeping the device unplugged until your virtual is up and running. Only insert after and make sure VirtualBox is the one owning the USB stack - no idea how to accomplish this, but the goal is that your virtual has access to the full USB device rather than a network device provided by the host OS.

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Thanks for the help. The key was indeed not plugging in the device until after starting the VM. That and adding a usb filter to the VM settings. Your reaction to the 32-bit only compatibility was mine initially but I came across a few posts saying this and rather than digging deeper I was lazy and posted on here. Laziness actually paid off. I hope this doesn't become a habit. Thanks again.

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