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Besside-NG / Wesside-NG


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Hi all!

Just ordered my Mark5 and should be arriving sometime today, but i have a few questions reguarding the Pineapples ability to fully automate wep fiding and cracking.

what i'd like to do is have a DIP set up so it will automatically make use of the onboard RTL8187 and another RTL8187 via usb, find wep network, and automatically attempt to crack it.

now i am not sur if the pineapple comes with binaries for Besside-NG or Wesside-NG, but those automate the tasks of which i am looking for.

my question is, does the pineapple have simmilar built in features if it does not support besside-ng or wesside-ng?

if no to both, any idea on how to fully automate those tasks without me having to log into the interface and or have to push in some ssh commands?

i'd really like to just have a DIP switch to set and fully automate without my interaction, and make use of both RTL8187's.

i have found this script for something simmilar in feature wise im looking for, but is made for a Kali linux distro, but will it work on the pineapple?


thank you all in advance!

and special thanks to the Hak5 team!

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And also, what kind of task would it be to have someone compile the besside-ng and other tools in the full aircrack-ng experimental package for the pineapple? ( i just assume its not avail for our device, seeing there is not much talk of these wonderful tools )

and actually, another question. is there a mark5 repo i can browse to see all packages included and available?

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