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BadUSB for android


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Trying to get BadUSB working on my note 3.

I downloaded the files from here https://srlabs.de/badusb/.

The readme file says to create your own hosts file so I did and saved it as hosts.txt.

used the command adb push hosts.txt /data/local/tmp as directed to transfer the file to my note 3.

ran sh badusb.sh in the android terminal.

Then I get the error saying my hosts file does not exsist.

I was thinking that the .txt file extension was wrong but I could not find any documentation to deny or confirm my suspicion.

Anyone have a clue?

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Found a hosts file on my Galaxy S2 under /system/etc/

No file extension. So I would suggest you remove the .txt and try again. Maybe confirm the file path by checking with a file browser.

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