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I don't know what 7.9alpah is, nor where to get it from. (haven't really looked).

I hear it doesn't work with firefox though...



for my version of 7.4.0, I improved it quite a lot, at least it works better on my computer. I hope it will be that way for you too...

it includes a solution to the problem you described.

I'll be happy to get any bug reports from you guys.


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@CF your version is realy great! but I am experiencing a little problem... PJ is throwing an error message when I adapt the save-path to anything than /%a - %t, saying that it can't grap the mp3 because the system can't find the path specified and displaying the path it should actually create!

So instead of creating the folders it's just claiming it can't find the path (which of course it can't because it should create them! ;-))

The problem even occurs then I comment out the line for the path so it uses the standard options. But as I said using /%a - %t is working fine, as it doesn't have to create any folders.

Another thing is that it won't find the correct station and album name, as I can see in the path it throws in the error message.

Hope you have any idea about this.

Using your improved 7.4 with flash 8 and FF1.5.0.9, cruise-control off.

edit: aww and another thing! The mp3s saved into the mismatches-folder are empty except the ID3 information! So they're just files with the MP3 first and then ID3 header with the information. I think that's not supposed to be correct, is it?

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hey dont know if this has been asked or not but how can I change the mp3s from being saved as:


just to

c:/pandora/mp3/artist - title.mp3

If anyone could help me out that would be great.

Cheers :)


There is a file called default.properties in the pandora folder. You MUST edit this file to change the default save location for your mp3 files. Here is a sample configuration:

#uncomment the following line to set your preferred storage dir

# NOTE: Forward Slashes!!



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