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Can't join the IRC..


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Hi.. :)

I am having serious problems joining the IRC. I am in no way experienced with IRC, so I would like to know why my "GECOS" is banned from the IRC server :?

I'm getting this error:

(11:02:12)Closing Link: eXp|LennyBoy[hiddenhost.cybercity.dk] (Your GECOS (real name) is banned from this server)

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Where can I change that?

I'm using mIRC v6.17 with NoNameScript v4.03

The only options I have in the options is:

Full Name

Email Address



First of all, upgrade your mIRC. (thats not why your not connecting, but you should update anyway).

Second of all, make sure you are not using TOR.

Lastly, change your full name. Your email address listed there does not and should not be your real email. Your nickname and alternative should not be GECOS (if it is).


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