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This is why you should not answer pm's in the milw0rm's irc i new as soon as i did i would regreat it.

<Bitcrusher> hello there

<spider> hi

<Bitcrusher> sup

<spider> fuck all

<spider> you?

<Bitcrusher> lol

<Bitcrusher> yep sometimes

<Bitcrusher> im just okay

<Bitcrusher> not very good

<Bitcrusher> but i enjoy hacking as always :)

<Bitcrusher> just made my metasploit an autoexploiter :)

<Bitcrusher> ur from italy rigt?

<spider> no

<Bitcrusher> where are you from then?

<spider> aus

<Bitcrusher> kewl

<Bitcrusher> what are u hacking right now?

<spider> nothing :/

<Bitcrusher> why?

<spider> why would i be?

<Bitcrusher> this is a hcker chat

<Bitcrusher> i thought u could be one

<Bitcrusher> arent u?

<spider> what is a hacker?

<Bitcrusher> lol

<spider> and just because its a "hackers" chat doesnt mean i hack 24/7 :/

<Bitcrusher> thats very complicate to tell

<Bitcrusher> sure

<spider> if ypu cant tell what it is how can you know this is what you think it is?

<Bitcrusher> lol

<Bitcrusher> okok

<Bitcrusher> i could tell it but not in english

<spider> did you want me to say i was hacking into the CIA or something? :/

<Bitcrusher> no

<Bitcrusher> just what u ur actualy hacking

<Bitcrusher> or what techniques u use

<spider> right now im about to gain access to NASA's mainframe

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