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What is a Wifi Pineapple


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Hello there, I was venturing the internet and happen to run into hak5. I want to know what is the WIFI Pineapple capable of doing exactly? can I recover my wifi password with it? Is it specifically a router with hacker friendly features? I am a beginner at this and I am looking forward to see what this product is capable of doing.


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It's the only single device in the world (or at least marketed as such) that comes out of the box with 2 Wifi radios. This allows it to, for instance, simultaneously launch a deauth attack on the clients of an AP and present itself as that same AP to set itself up for an MITM attack.

The power and versatility of the wifi pineapple lies in the fact that the software (well, firmware, really. But you can store additional stuff using a MicroSD card) present on the device makes it really trivial to perform any number of attacks against wifi networks. It can be scripted and set to perform certain tasks autonomously based on how you flipped some switches on the side and can do this for as long as its modest power requirements are met.

One thing the pineapple is NOT is a CPU powerhouse. You don't crack/recover passwords with it. You use it to mangle packets in any way you want to acquire the interesting bits which you then deliver to a real machine that does all the heavy lifting.

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