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Xfinity wifi ap connection


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Your comcast router operates as 2 APs - your private one and the public one. The only way to improve the wifi signal of these APs is to either boost the transmission power, or to replace the antenna with a better one. Chances are, replacing the antenna isn't possible as the router is just a chunk of plastic with everything built-in. There's nothing the Pineapple can do for you in that regard.

What you can do with your pineapple is to use it to connect to any xfinity open APs via one of the pineapple's radios using your personal credentials, and use the other radio in the pineapple to be a nearer AP which should provide you with excellent signal. You could even just plug in directly to the RJ45 port, effectively replacing the wireless network adapter of your laptop (assuming you're trying to use a laptop) with the pineapple.

If the remote AP is still difficult to receive, replace the antenna on that radio of the Pineapple with a more powerful, directional one, aim it at the AP you're trying to network to and use it like that. It'll be a bit less conspicuous since better antennas tend to be larger antennas, but you stand a better chance of getting a decent signal.

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