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adstar wordlist generator


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A wordlist generator that I have been working on but finally got the time to finish it...i might think of adding some more features if i have enough time.

adstar v1.0 wordlist generator. Created by: repzeroworld

Download Link:


optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit

-o [OUTPUT_PATH] Path to output wordlist. -o without a value will
result in output to terminal.

-b BEGINING_OF_WORD example '-b repzero' will place 'repzero' at the
beginning of each word generated'

-e END_OF_WORD example '-e repzero' will place 'repzero' at the end
of each word generated.

no. of times to repeat a character,e.g, '-r 2' will
generate all combination of words INCLUDING words with
each character being repeated a maximum of 2 times.

Mandatory/Required Arguments:

-s STRING string of characters to make wordlist
from,EXAMPLE1:'-s abcd' will generate a wordlist
containing characters'a','b','c' 'and'
'd'.EXAMPLE2:'-s 'my name is repzero'' will generate
all combinations with the strings 'my', 'name', 'is'
and 'repzero'.

-l WORD_LENGTH length of words in word in wordlist,EXAMPLE: '-l 4'
will generate words that are 4 characters in length

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hmm...i was able to input some lengthy codes into adstar wordlist generator..
These codes focuse on:
1. Resuming adstar wordlist generator when piping - detecting the previous command line used for piping and resuming the process once the user agreed to it.This only works once the user input the exact command line to resume the process..word length, string, repeat character, beginning of word , end of word arguments

2. Detecting and Resumming the process of creating MULTIPLE wordlist files (if they were interrupted)

the major difficulty was trying to resume a python generator function AFTER THE PROGRAM QUIT /EXIT... after some serious thoughts and i found a way around this...

I will release some this new version after i add another option.....can't wait to finish perfecting this program while focusing on simplicity

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adstar wordlist generator v1.1 was rewritten in the shortest codes I can think of thereby making it very efficient than adstar v1.1.
This version have a touch of humanity with the following options:

1. Detect whether the process of creating a dictionary or even piping to stdout in a linux terminal is being interrupted (Ctrl-C)
and resume this process. . Nevertheless, the main limitation to the resumption of a broken process is that resuming from 1
billion or more keys tried will not start the resumption process instantly ( few seconds for 1 billion keys).

2.There is a new option for splitting large dictionary files into smaller chunks.

3. Some bug fixes were also implemented.

NOTE: A "How to install and use" file goes in depth with easy to follow screenshot examples.

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