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  1. I'd like to try the macchanger script do post download link when finished ..
  2. I have changed all url downloaded links below is the new link http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/UZrMxTtZ/file.html
  3. give some details on 1. the reaver command line you are using 2. The chipset of your wifi card (try "airmon-ng") 3. Have you bringing wlan0 down and when using the card in monitor interface? 4. check to see what channel the victim is on (try running an airodump-ng scan or using wash)..it could be that you are on the wrong channel expecting to get a beacons
  4. thanks datahead and velkrosmask when running your adapter in monitor mode check to see if there are any program such as network managers that automatically bring your wireless adapter interface up. New wifi drivers does not allow you to use your adapter in monitor mode while your wireless interface is up..I think there are patches for drivers around.....however the script executes a piece of code several times to bring your wireless interface down in order to use your monitor interface. Also, probably you can try not to put a channel number so that your adapter can adjust itself to hoping channels to find the right channel the target is on. :D
  5. I see your point...I downloaded the modified script done by OE 800..:)...a few patches for it to work with MarkV is not bad..lol... what terminal emulators except tmux is supported in MarkV? :) I will see what i can do...
  6. seems a little technical for me AT THIS POINT but you are looking to embedd the program into a device?.. a little more details would be good :D
  7. ****************ReVdK3-r2 (Revision 2)******************************** Download Link http://www56.zippyshare.com/v/UZrMxTtZ/file.html I have revised the script for those who prefer to use bully wps pin cracker. Now you have two options for pin cracking either reaver 1.4 or bully Dependency checks: the program checks to see if you have the following are installed so that the script can function well [1] reaver [2] bully (if you are using) [3] mdk3 [4] aireplay-ng [5] gnome-terminal [5] timeout Possbily the last revision of the script since new access points are getting invulnerable to the attacks...however i will experiment new attacks and see if they are effective for rebooting APs ..best of luck ReVdK3 users!.. Credit to my friend WaLkZ and others who prefer bully wps pin cracker
  8. I am working on incorporating bully in revdk3 script (95% completed)....I notice mac spoofing is affecting proper functioning of bully as compared to reaver... a little scared of this (still thinking...).
  9. I am dreaming about the awus051nh due to reviews on amazon.com..Also i think a ralink adapter like this with low wattage will improve reception (signal quality) better as compared to the 2W adapter. Will be purchasing two of these soon.
  10. NEW HACKER GROUP- not a bad idea... However, it would be best to know who you are dealing with first before creating the group...you can learn about their skill levels by simpling reading their posts and then make decisions whether or not to add them to the group..I think the group should be made secretly and not open to the public like this forum for anyone to join in a jiffy....hackers (ethical and unethical) should also try to protect their identity and group they are associated with. I recently read an article where th FBI can track all your browsing history and even turn on your camera without even you knowing (however the article did not say what they are using to do all these stuff and their organizational network). So be careful my friends!
  11. RELEASE OF ADSTAR WORDLIST GENERATOR V1.2 DOWNLOAD LINK http://www52.zippyshare.com/v/89300952/file.html WHAT'S NEW? adstar wordlist generator v1.1 was rewritten in the shortest codes I can think of thereby making it very efficient than adstar v1.1. This version have a touch of humanity with the following options: 1. Detect whether the process of creating a dictionary or even piping to stdout in a linux terminal is being interrupted (Ctrl-C) and resume this process. . Nevertheless, the main limitation to the resumption of a broken process is that resuming from 1 billion or more keys tried will not start the resumption process instantly ( few seconds for 1 billion keys). 2.There is a new option for splitting large dictionary files into smaller chunks. 3. Some bug fixes were also implemented. NOTE: A "How to install and use" file goes in depth with easy to follow screenshot examples.
  12. hmm...i was able to input some lengthy codes into adstar wordlist generator.. These codes focuse on: 1. Resuming adstar wordlist generator when piping - detecting the previous command line used for piping and resuming the process once the user agreed to it.This only works once the user input the exact command line to resume the process..word length, string, repeat character, beginning of word , end of word arguments 2. Detecting and Resumming the process of creating MULTIPLE wordlist files (if they were interrupted) the major difficulty was trying to resume a python generator function AFTER THE PROGRAM QUIT /EXIT... after some serious thoughts and i found a way around this... I will release some this new version after i add another option.....can't wait to finish perfecting this program while focusing on simplicity
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