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Routing issues


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For last few days I have been trying to understand routing issues with Mark V. The problem with routing becomes apparent when a new network interface (WLAN2) is introduced. The weird thing about it is that pings continue to work, cli is unaffected, but anything within the gui stops working. Even the "Show Internet IP" address option returns no data. The only way to resolve the issue is to remove wlan2 and perform factory reset? What am I doing wrong?

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I had an issue with WLAN 2 after the recent upgrade, but not to the extent you're having. Upon using wlan 2 connect in client mode to my router, it would work then stop routing. I would just have to use one of the installed radios to connect successfully in client mode. It may be the USB adapter I'm using, it is a no name Alfa clone. When I have a chance i'll use the Hak5 adapter and give it another try.

So no routing at all when wlan 2 is even siting idle? What type of adapter is it?

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Found the culprit, issue was caused by the SMSer II infusion which had to be restarted to correct the data flow issues through web interface.

Strange although I am not surprised. SMSer is just a texting cow turd. I am working on a re-write for it that actually uses SMS no MMS and parsing and all that anymore. SMSer 3.0 will be from the gods (probably my bedroom)

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