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  1. So blacklisting client in karma did not work. I still get unwanted associations, will try with mac filtering as suggested in post #5.
  2. Darren, I see that I can blacklist\white-list SSIDs and I am doing that but I how do I go about white-listing clients under Karma 2.0.4? I even tried to set Target option under PIneAP configuration, thinking if I target specific mac address it will ignore others and I still get clients associating with Karma?
  3. How would I go about blocking all Associations with my Mark V or alternatively how would I go about white listing/targeting only specific clients?
  4. Found the culprit, issue was caused by the SMSer II infusion which had to be restarted to correct the data flow issues through web interface.
  5. So I needed, wanted to start all PineAP modules through CLI but could not find how, so then I found a post stating that this is not supported at this time. But I needed it, so I figure if I disable authentication requirement for the site and then make wget –s calls to the correct URLS. Someone smarter than me ,maybe can figure out how to modify auth.php not to require authentications for request originating from localhost otherwise to keep your box locked you will have to comment in and out "require_once('/pineapple/includes/api/auth.php');” statement in your /pineapple/includes/header.php file. Log story short, your “turn on PineAp script could look as crude as this – hey it works… hope Hak5 does not mind me butchering their code too muchJ cp /pineapple/includes/authOff.php /pineapple/includes/header.php sleep 1 wget -s http://localhost:1471/components/system/pineap/functions.php?action=start_karma sleep 1 wget -s http://localhost:1471/components/system/pineap/functions.php?action=start_pineap sleep 1 wget -s http://localhost:1471/components/system/pineap/functions.php?action=start_beaconer sleep 1 wget -s http://localhost:1471/components/system/pineap/functions.php?action=start_responder sleep 1 wget -s http://localhost:1471/components/system/pineap/functions.php?action=start_harvester sleep 1 cp /pineapple/includes/authOn.php /pineapple/includes/header.php echo "done"
  6. For last few days I have been trying to understand routing issues with Mark V. The problem with routing becomes apparent when a new network interface (WLAN2) is introduced. The weird thing about it is that pings continue to work, cli is unaffected, but anything within the gui stops working. Even the "Show Internet IP" address option returns no data. The only way to resolve the issue is to remove wlan2 and perform factory reset? What am I doing wrong?
  7. Couple Questions: How do I go about auto starting all PineAP modules or what would be the dip switch command line look like to do the same? In the previous version I was able to specify pass-code which prevented associations under karma. How can I prevent associations with this current versions. All I want to do is collect probes/beacons and re-broadcast them for demonstration purposes?
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