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R802T SMA pigtail connector


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i looking for a more popular connector for the R802T and I found this:

Male MCX to Male SMA pigtail cable, RG174, 0.5' length
Male MCX to male SMA upconverter to SDR interconnect cable.
Very high-quality male MCX to male SMA RG174 pigtail cable, 0.5' in length. Low-loss RG174 + short cable length means there is no need to worry about potential attenuation. Matched 50 ohm connectors. Great for attaching MCX-style SDRs such as NESDR Mini, NESDR Micro & TV28T (v1 & v2) to our Ham It Up RF upconverter. <br />

Anyone know if that is the right type of connection? MCX?

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Very likely that it is. It would be for my dongle.

Things to remember:

- Shorter cables are better (signal degrades over distance).

- Thicker cables are often better (better shielding etc).

- The fewer connectors between your radio and your antenna, the better.

Since your antenna will likely come with a cable of its own, and you've presumably thought about this already and discovered that you need an SMA connector, you're probably better off with something like this (though likely from a more local retailer).

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